My first completed book is called “The Girl in the Mirror

Here’s what I call my “back cover”:

Derry has almost everything she could ever want. She’s doing well in college, her best friend Sarah is her roommate, she has a very close family with a little sister whom she adores, and has just started dating the guy she’s had a crush on all semester. Then one morning, what she thinks is reality no longer matches what others think. She finds out that the cat she has loved since she was a child is really just a stuffed animal, and everyone except her has known it all along. When she is told that she herself had killed the kitten years ago during a nightmare, Sarah – a psych major – helps her to understand that sometimes your mind makes up a reality for you so it can insulate you from a hard truth.

 As she learns to accept that her beloved cat was really just a toy, she begins to question her own sanity and the validity of her memories. When she wakes up one day to find that Jessy, the sister she has adored for the last 14 years, does not really exist, the devastating heartbreak drives her nearly to madness as she first tries to prove to others that Jessy did exist, and then searches for clues as to what has really happened.

 Is Sarah right? Is Derry’s mind simply trying to protect her from hard truths? Or is there something more going on? Is the little girl in the mirror the key to uncovering the answers to her problems – or the cause of them?

I’ve sent queries to several agents, and have been turned down by a couple. One agent asked me to send the full manuscript, but I haven’t heard back since sending it. I really need to send out some more queries, and see if I have any better luck.

I am also working on several other books right now. If I get brave enough, I’ll share some excerpts from them one of these days.


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