The good things about having cancer

Although cancer really sucks (, there are some good things that come from it.

1) For example, social media is a lot kinder to you when you have cancer.


2) Even small accomplishments are made big when you are fighting off the effects of chemo.


3) I haven’t had to shave my legs or armpits in a month. This can last forever as far as I’m concerned.

4) The peach fuzz on my head doesn’t take much care. I literally used a drop of shampoo yesterday. It was too much. I’ve calculated that at this rate, a bottle of shampoo will last me 8,872 days (give or take a day or so…).


That’s a little over 24 years for a 15 oz. bottle. I hope I like the scent I picked out…

5) You save a lot of money on haircuts. As a matter of fact, I cut my own hair the other day.


It was just one hair that had gone wild in my sideburn area. Only took a second to clip that baby off 🙂 and now I’m back to my clean cut look again 😀

6) You automatically surpass just about anyone’s “bad day” post on Facebook, and can answer their  whiny “my boss looked at me funny” posts with an honest “You think you have it bad? I have cancer!!” That usually shuts down the post right away 😀

7) Really the best thing about having cancer is that you suddenly see that certain things around you are very important, like snuggling on the couch with your kids while they tell you all about their hopes and dreams (“Mommy if I was yellow, I would shine all over everything like the sun and make the world happy!”). And certain things aren’t, like worrying whether you look frumpy in the clothes you have on. (I’m bald and tired, but I’m alive – who cares what I look like!)


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