Geocaching Mackinac Island


We had an awesome 3 days on the Island. We stopped on the drive up at one of Lisa’s caches that needed maintenance. It was a good first cache to introduce Tammy to the sport, since she was a Muggle. We normally stop at a few on the drive north, but since we were going all the way to the Island this trip and we still needed to catch a Ferry, we only stopped at the one. Still it took us until afternoon to get there.image

We biked to our bed and breakfast which was next door to St Anne’s Catholic Church (very convenient for Sunday morning mass 🙂 ) to check in then immediately took off for a bike ride around the perimeter of the Island. There was going to be a race the next day on this route and we didn’t want to get caught up in that, so our plan was to bike around it our first night. We found only 8 geocaches on that trip although there are many more along the route, because it was taking so long to stop and find each one, we started to realize we were going to run out of daylight if we didn’t do more biking and less geocaching.

DSC02672   DSC02637

And there aren’t a lot of surprises when you do “park and grabs”. They were either in the small bit of trees to the left of the road, or hidden in the rocky shoreline on the other side of the road – not a lot of places to hide them along this path. We are used to hiking through the woods to geocache, but we were in such a beautiful place it was fun anyway. It was windy and a little cold on the eastern side of the Island but as soon as we turned the corner at the northern tip, the wind eased up and it was more bearable.

DSC02675  DSC02611

We were definitely ready for dinner when we got done. It was 8.5 miles around the Island. I felt surprisingly strong and energized.

On Saturday, we biked up into the interior of the Island to avoid the crowds at the race. We went up the path alongside the Fort – had to walk the bikes up that slope of course. I had been a little worried that I would have leg cramps and issues since being so physically inactive during chemo, but I again felt surprisingly good. 🙂 We found a total of 15 geocaches, and had one “did not find” (DNF).

DSC02733 DSC02734

Lisa had some cool t-shirts made for us – we are officially now the ‘DNF Squad’ 🙂 If you’ve never been to Mackinac, Fall is a beautiful time to go. Not too hot, and not usually as crowded as during the dead of summer. This was the first time I had taken a bike, since we usually go with kids and at least one of them was always too young to go biking around. It was fun to be able to get to places we can’t normally go.

DSC02703 DSC02640 DSC02704DSC02716

On one trail we met a very nice lady, along with her son and daughter-in-law, who was fascinated with what we were doing. So we invited her to hike along with us to our next geocache, and they all came with us. She thought it was awesome, and we explained that they were no longer Muggles. Since they weren’t from Michigan, we showed her on the geocache map  that there were even caches in her hometown, very close to where she lived. She said she was going to get the free geocaching app and check it out when she got home. Yay – we love to get others started in the sport 😀

After heading back to town to eat, we rode back around the Island counter-clockwise to investigate “the murder site” (for those of you who don’t have a Facebook account, you can read about it here and see photos here and here). Creepy.


Saturday night was a bar crawl 🙂 I normally don’t drink much anyway, but as readers of my blog already know, alcohol increases the risk of cancer, and since chemo dehydrates the hell out of you, I drank water instead (except for a sip of Tammy’s blue drink at one place and a sip of apple pucker {one of our go-to’s for geocaching weekends} at another). Luckily, with my head wear, the bartenders were awesome about signing my shirt anyway 🙂 And we watched MSU beat Oregon on various bar TVs throughout the island.


Sunday after mass, we decided to head up into the interior of the Island again. We didn’t have a lot of time since we needed to get back in time for the Ferry to get back to the mainland, but we tried to find what we could. We ended up getting a few more DNF’s and only found 2 geocaches. We gave up and headed back down to town for a late lunch and some quick shopping before the Ferry headed out. All in all, it was an awesome weekend. The first time in months that (other than my bald head) I felt relatively normal 🙂


11930979_10207211416795464_3335933473691220272_o DSC02666 DSC02711DSC02863

I am definitely looking forward to recovering from this last chemo and feeling that way again.

DSC02832  mackinac

The smiley faces are the ones we logged. Still so many to find. Next time!



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