Schroedinger’s breast

A month ago, while we were waiting on the biopsy results, I told Tim, “I have Schroedinger’s breast. At this point in time I either have or don’t have cancer at the same time. It’s when we open the box that we’ll know which alternate reality I am in.”

(Science friends, for reference:

For those who’d like more about this and why the idea is actually abhorrent amongst most physicists:

From Wikipedia (which actually has a fun -to-read continually changing explanation of who believes what and why, and how this “thought experiment” relates to the Many-worlds interpretation):


Really, what it comes down to is – even though I already had cancer long before we did a test and got the results, it didn’t change my reality until I found out the results. As we waited for the results, the world was still wide open. There was still a chance that the reality I would end up with was a cancer-free life for me. It was just waiting on a “conscious observer”.

Of course, as Penny on Big Bang said, “Um, there’s this cat in a box and until you open it, it’s either dead or alive or both. Although, back in Nebraska, our cat got stuck in my brother’s camp trunk, and we did not need to open it to know there was all kinds of dead cat in there.”

I had all the dead cat pre-warning stink. My first visit to the MSU Breast Clinic resulting in an immediate visit to the radiologist, and a biopsy the next morning. The sympathetic looks from the radiologist and the technicians there. You know at the time, I kept thinking that it was just my usual good luck- that God wanted me to get the results quickly so we’d be able to go to our nephew’s wedding in peace knowing that I didn’t have cancer. You know, one of those warning shots across the bow that reminds you of the good things in life, and to not take things for granted. I didn’t want to believe that it could be real, even though the signs were all there. I just hadn’t opened the box yet.

I felt pretty decent yesterday. Exhausted, but not so troubled by nausea as long as I was careful to eat small amounts and sip my water.  I even had a small grilled burger for dinner made by my wonderful husband. Delicious! Then we took a short walk and visited our neighbors, Shannon and Jason. They have been our closest friends here since we first started building our house over 20 years ago when they came over to introduce themselves and offered to help. We are not much without all those invisible hands around us who help prop us up when we need it. I am thankful for all of the invisible hands in our lives over the years.

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