No wonderful words of wisdom today

I woke up sick this morning. Nauseous, but no vomiting. Some hot flashes, which were also expected. I got up, took some meds and fell back asleep on the couch. At least when I woke up I felt a little better. Not good, but not so nauseous.

We had planned to go to lunch with some of our karate family, but I decided not to go. Wasn’t sure I could handle the drive in to Lansing, nor the smells at a Thai restaurant.  I really wanted to go, but I know there’ll be other times.

I spent most of the day on the couch. Did a little work from home, but couldn’t handle much. My boss is allowing me to adjust my schedule as needed, so I am very thankful for that. I sipped water, ate a few crackers, and slept some more. Eventually I had some cream of chicken soup and got up and around some. I’m not feeling as good as I did yesterday, but I am better than I was this morning.

It was karate promotion tonight. For everyone but me. I wanted to go watch at least, even though I am supposed to avoid crowds of people as much as possible. This was a smaller promotion class than normal, so I went. I drove myself in case I needed to leave early.

I got a ton of hugs on the way in. One of the Cho Dans even climbed over the half wall to give a hug. It was wonderful to have such support from my karate family.

It’s hard to be at a promotion and not be one of the ones who are promoting, but I’m very proud of my family. Tim and Chris became 1st Gup Red 3, Kelsey and Reagan became 1st Gup Red 2, Andy became 3rd Gup Red with Gold Stripe, and Challis became 4th Gup Green with 2 Stripes.

I am a 3rd Gup Red (a plain red belt). During August testing, Challis will test for her red belt and then we will all be reds. Tim and Chris only have 2 more stripes  to earn before they will see if they get invited to black belt testing in February.

My dear friend Susan brought a comfy chair out of her office for me to sit on as I needed during promotion. I stood some (since I’d been sitting most of the day), and sat when I needed to. And Nikki stood by my side whenever I was sitting to help me when I needed it. By the time it was done, I was ready to come home and rest. Challis picked up pizza on the way home for dinner. I ate a tiny piece, about two normal bites worth. It was more than enough – back to my water and dry cereal.

Tim and I took a walk to the bridge tonight – slowly. They’re replacing it, so we’ve been checking it out to see the progress every few days. I’m trying to keep moving as much as I can.

So, no wonderful words of wisdom tonight, just a simple account of getting through the day today. Thanks for reading. I feel blessed to have so many caring people around me.

4 thoughts on “No wonderful words of wisdom today

  1. Don’t know your preferred tastes but we would make a large variety of homemade soups and chowders.
    Some of our favorites are clam chowder, potato, Turkey and noodle, and the one from olive garden (that I can never pronounce). My daughter makes an excellent homemade version with potatoes, sausage, spinach, and chicken stock.
    We make then in advance and either can them or freeze some. Some are lighter and easier on the tummy for the crummy days and the others more filling on the better days. Other times, ice chips just seem to do the trick. 🙂
    Sorry to hear about the nausea and fatigue. Sometimes keeping dad’s nutritional intake up was just as hard as anything else.
    Not trying to make you ill on a queasy stomach but I think you would appreciate this; I found it especially odd when dad would get a craving for squirrel or rabbit. Sometimes that was when he would eat the best. Off to the woods we would go to make sure we had some in the freezer in case he got that craving again…lol!
    Take care and my congratulations to your family for their most recent accomplishments.

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    • haha- I really liked your Dad- He was down to earth. I remember going through his country albums with him while he schooled us on what “real” classic country music was- haha
      Thanks for sharing the stories- they help. We’ve eaten a lot of squirrel and rabbit in our days- even had rabbit tacos once- haha!
      I am feeling a little better so far today, and am hoping it lasts.


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