Should I black out my teeth and wear my NRA hat?


Two weeks ago, I went in for a haircut. I keep my hair fairly short most of the time. It’s just easier that way. After the hair cut, I wrote this in my journal:

“Got my hair cut today. Last night I pulled my hair back from my head and looked in the mirror to try to imagine what I’d look like with no hair.

Possibly the last haircut I’ll need for a while. Surreal.

She didn’t cut it as short as I usually get it, but I didn’t have her cut more. It’ll be gone soon enough, I think. Again – surreal.

The good thing is – I’ll save $ on haircuts and hair coloring for a while :)”

The title of this post may sound like I am making fun of rednecks, but hey, I really do have an NRA hat and I used to wear it all the time as a proud member. Obviously it was a lot more appropriate to wear it to work back when I spent my days in the woods, hiking around and trapping raccoons.  Probably not so appropriate here at work in the office.


But it did make me think- what to do when my hair falls out? Walk around bald and look like a victim? Get a wig? (they call it a “cranial prosthesis” which I find incredibly funny) Wear a hat all the time?

You know, those people who know me well know that I do not embrace girly things very well. The only hats I’ve ever worn regularly have been ball caps. That may work well for men in an office. As a matter of fact, a male colleague wore a ball cap here when he was going through chemo. He still wears it now (maybe he always did even before cancer, I don’t remember). But somehow I don’t think that a female Assistant Director here at MSU would look too professional in a ball cap (with a bald head underneath), but who knows? I think people with cancer are probably given a bit of leeway out of sympathy.

I think I will try first with a bandana, or light hat.  I found out you can even buy just “bangs” to hang out from under a hat so you don’t look quite so bald.

  I could go blond. Hmmm…

The medical oncologist told me that my hair would probably fall out within about 2-3 weeks of starting chemo. Looks like I’ll need another haircut in the meantime, after all. Dang it! I should have told her to cut it shorter last time!

8 thoughts on “Should I black out my teeth and wear my NRA hat?

  1. Gina, let me know if I can help in any way. My prayers are with you and your family. Be strong. You’ll win this; not easy but doable – especially for you.

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  2. Gina, my friend, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings during this difficult time. I have always admired your strength and faith, and I totally relate to your switching into logical, analytical, scientist-mode. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts with me!! You are beautiful with hair and will be just, if not, more beautiful without hair although I am liking the blond hair option when it starts growing back!!!!!! Prayer are being sent in your direction and to your family! If there is anything I can do to help out, please please let me know. Hugs!

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